English for kids with ben an bella.

Ben & Bella,

Stop and Go,

Choreography Version

Ben & Bella,

Stop and Go,


Songs and dances support children's active

participation in the English language and

their pleasure in learning.


They encourage children both to sing vocabulary

and to physically illustrate it.


18 of the Lesson Plan's 20 units make use of a

catchy original song, recorded on one of the

song-and-dance DVDs.


Each DVD presents 6 songs in at least

6 separate videos per song.

These include:


· a music video starring real-life children against

  an animated background

· a karaoke version of the music video

· complete and step-by-step dance instructions

  presented by a professional choreographer


All videos have a subtitle option. In the choreography

sections, key words that the choreographer demonstrates

in her dance are highlighted in capital letters.

Karaoke Version


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